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Birmingham SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Every website we get the privilege of creating, we provide 1 years free hosting and basic SEO

Basic SEO With Every Website!

Our basic SEO is optimisation. We optimise all our website towards Google as this is where 80% of traffic comes from. We aim to get your website on Google within 2 weeks.

With the basic SEO we:

  1. check for broken links
  2. w3c validate HTML and CSS
  3. optimise images for fast web page load speeds
  4. htaccess file to stop URL canalisation, to GZIP, JAVA, PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT.
  5. robot.txt file
  6. Backlinks
  7. Meta Tags

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. We are a Birmingham based SEO, Website Design company. We deliver website's with visual appeal, outstanding navigation, good architecture, great content for excellent ranking positions in Google and other search engines. We insist on rigorous focus and a shared enthusiasm for your business and have the expertise and passion to deliver remarkable online success. This process will improve your ranking in search engine results. We have estimated that 90% of potential customers, search for sites like yours through search engines like google, yahoo, Bing etc. Why not give it a try, save thousands of pounds on advertising. With the service we provide, watch traffic to your site increase. Before opting for this approach, ask yourself, will customers use search engines to find your website and are a good amount of customers going to come from the internet. If yes I would strongly advise this approach. We offer a FREE SEO Service when you have a website designed by us for more than £500.00. Choose diamond-designz to do SEO on your website and increases your website ranking very quickly. Will take years possibly never to get a high search engine rank. Let us do the hard work while you reap the benefits Guaranteed results after 6 weeks ! Still continue the SEO service for six months, to guarantee you stay high in rankings .