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Bypass windows password backtrack 4 r2

This will work on any Windows login password
You will first need backtrack 4 r2 download the file here
You then need to burn the backtrack iso to disk. I use a free open source program called imgburn, to burn it to disk. Download imgburn here
Ok now you have both files you need Start your computer with backtrack disk in drive. If it boots to windows make sure in your bios setting it is set to boot off disk first

  1. If it asks for password and username, password is root and user name is toor
  2. Select the top one. Start BackTrack FrameBuffer (1024x768)
  3. TYPE: startx, to start backtrack

At the bottom left of the screen you have a dragon symbol. Click it and navigate to:
  1. Backtrack
  2. Privilege Escalation
  3. PasswordAttacks
  4. chntpw

It will load, but theres an error in the path of chntpw. It will say No such file or directory. To fix this problem:
  1. TYPE: PATH=$PATH:/pentest/passwords/chntpw/
  2. TYPE: chntpw to test if it's worked

If it has worked you will have chntpw options menu
Now click the dragon symbol and navigate to where the SAM file is located:
  1. System Menu
  2. Storage Media You might need to refresh the page by clicking the green circle with a white arrow curving round to the left at the top
  3. sda1 yours could be hda1 or something simular
  4. Windows, it's case sensitive
  5. System32, case sensitive
  6. config
  7. locate the SAM file

    1. Enter the chntpw terminal
      1. TYPE: cntpw -i mnt/ DONT PRESS ENTER

  8. Now drag the SAM file over to chntpw terminal
  9. CLICK paste
  10. Press enter
  11. If it dosen't work press up on arrow keys and delete mnt
  12. I don't no why it never worked on my video. I think it's because I was doing it in a virtual machine.
  13. PRESS 1 (edit user data and password)
  14. Enter the username you want to remove password from. In my case it's josh
  15. PRESS 1 (to clear password)
  16. It should say password cleared!
  17. Type the username of the passworded account in again
  18. PRESS 4
  19. TYPE ! (to quit)
  20. TYPE q (to quit)
  21. TYPE y (to right hive files)